All the Watchmen Posters to Date


With the latest release of the above Rorschach poster, that brings the grand total of Watchmen posters up to ten, not bad for a movie that doesn’t come out until March. I’m realizing that after Quantum of Solace, there’s not a movie coming out for a long time that I’m really, really looking forward to. Not to say there won’t be some good ones, but I’m not anticipating any of them as much as I am Watchmen. If all that legal nonsense doesn’t get settled, and the film gets pushed back, I swear…

I’m still trying to figure out why I thought Ozymandias was Milo Ventimiglia.

watchmen_2 watchmen_3watchmen_4watchmen_5watchmen_6watchmen_7watchmen_8watchmen_9watchmen_10

And just for the hell of it, I’ve put the “new” trailer after the jump:


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