All Hail Our Lady of Vader

If you’re dorky enough to get a Star Wars tattoo emblazoned on yourself forever, at least do yourself a favor like this guy and get one that’s actually cool.

Our Lady of Vader will probably not actually answer your prayers to smite your enemies with Force lightning, but I guess it’s worth a shot. What other saints even offer that option at the current time?

I have to wonder how the hell this picture got taken. Like, what was the conversation?

“So, enjoying the convention this year?”

“Yeah totally, I got Mark Hamill to glare at me when I asked him to sign a picture of Hayden Christensen.”

“I have a huge Darth Vader tattoo on my back. Want to see?”

“Wait, I need my camera.”


  1. john August 30, 2010
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  3. flobert November 27, 2010

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