‘Alice in Wonderland’ is Perhaps the Burtonest of All Burton Movies


UPDATE: Thanks asshats at Disney who have pulled nearly every single copy of this trailer from the internet. Here’s a working one, but it doesn’t allow embedding. Why the hell do companies do this? Isn’t the point of a trailer to get the word out and have people get excited for your new movie? What’s the point of pulling all the videos and pissing off a bunch of blogs and their readers?

UPDATE #2: They pulled that one too. But never fear, a non-YouTubed copy exists which I’m pretty sure will stay up.  Thanks Iceman!

Yep, that’s the teaser trailer for the new Alice in Wonderland movie. The imagery is cool, but I don’t think it’s particularly well cut together, and doesn’t make for a great trailer.

Yeah, Johnny Depp looks and sounds cool as the mad hatter, and everything else is bonkers due to a hefty helping of CGI, but I don’t know. It reminds me of Burton redoing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Like yeah, it’s a slightly cool exercise to Burton-ize the imagery, making it more terrifying, and to put Johnny Depp in a major role, but it didn’t really add anything in my opinion, making the film spectacularly unmemorable, and I’m feeling Alice might go the same way.

Your thoughts?


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