Ah Yes, The Raid 2 is Out This Weekend

The original The Raid was one of the better action movies of the modern era, and was so good, Dredd decided to swipe literally its entire plotline. Whoops! Anyway, like any good martial arts film, it now has a sequel out in limited release this weekend.

I’ve been reading reviews of it for a while, and it’s being described as one of the most violent action movies ever made. Like, reviewers have literally walked out and gotten nauseous. Now this I have to see.

The above is the final “internet trailer,” presumably made so people like me will share it on sites like this for free, just because it’s awesome. Well goddamnit, it worked. Watch it, and hope it’s playing somewhere near you.

  • Charlotte

    I feel I should point out that it was on this very site I learnt that Dredd and The Raid had similar plotlines by coincidence. Just shows, it was a very good plotline!

    I’m looking forward to seeing this!

  • David R

    Do want.

  • Daniel Generic

    Dredd was filmed before the Raid even if it wasn’t released until later.

  • Jake

    I got to see this at a special “critics only” screening with a buddy who writes for Red Carpet Refs and it was amazing. From what I understand they wanted to make this film first but couldn’t secure the necessary funding. They ended up writing the first Raid film as a low budget film & were able to get the much lower funding needed to make it & it turned out to be a good gamble because it was successful enough to allow them to get the amount of money that they needed to make the film that they had originally envisioned which is The Raid 2.