Obscure Movie Characters We Like: Derek from Step Brothers

Adam Scott

If you haven’t seen the movie Step Brothers then you are definitely missing out.  It’s one of those movies that I feel definitely flew under the radar.  I know that I when I saw the trailer I thought it would completely suck.  Oh how I was wrong.

I think it’s because I was starting to sour at Will Ferrell at that point and I figured he and John C. Reilly would just be plain dumb.  Well yes, they were dumb but the movie was also quite hilarious.  If you want vintage Ferrell screaming and needing nothing else but to scream to make you laugh then this is solid.

Also, the supporting cast is amazing.  My favorite character being “Derek” played by Adam Scott….

First of all if you don’t know who Adam Scott is, he’s the guy in the most recent comedic Rachel Bilson video on Funny or Die.  Second of all you’ve gotta see him in Step Brothers.  He plays Will Ferrell’s “successful” yuppie brother Derek.  Derek’s character is that of a bully and super male.

But the distance the movie goes to display this is truly awesome.   From stupid hand shakes to showing off how much money he makes, to homoerotic idiosynchrocies, the movie clearly makes a joke out of how uncomfortably male he is.

The way he constantly picks on Ferrell’s character,  shows off his chiseled (fake) six pack, and is oblivious to how messed up his own family is (by the way his wife’s character is amazing) all makes Derek who he is in this movie.

Here’s a quick clip that shows the essence of this character


If you see this movie, if anything see it for Derek.

  • illeaturfamily

    Hah! This movie was nothing but a stupid excuse for Will Ferrell and John C Reilly to get together and act like little kids on the big screen.

    And I abso-f**king-lutely loved it.

    Ferrell and Reilly are so ridiculous its almost impossible not to laugh, and although the plot is completely asinine, its exactly what you should expect from these guys.

    Then there’s Derek’s character, whose description you hit right on the head. The a cappella singing in the car and the scenes of super-bromance with his coworkers are my favorite with him.

    I’m really digging these obscure character reviews. These are some of my favorite roles in movies and it’s good to see them recognized.

    …It’s the f**king Catalina Wine Mixer.

  • Josh

    “Flat. Completely flat. You don’t even look good while you’re doing it. The WORST thing I have ever heard. $1200 a week for voice lessons and this is what I get? Ok, I’m gonna have to save it with this solo.”

    My favorite scene with him, other than the music video scene. Great character.

    I’m really liking this series of posts. Keep it up. Would love to see one featuring Glen from Accepted.

  • Dave

    I think Adam Scott is great.

    He was great as the Tampa Bay Rays scout towards the end of the Eastbound and Down season – which I suggest watching if you guys posted above loved Step Brothers.

  • Nattyb

    Hahahaha. @ill – Catalina Wine Mixer! Damned right

    The a capella stuff is legendary

  • BanditOne

    Derek is the king bitches!!!! His budro “Randy” is also money, and will totally EAT YOUR D*ck IF YOU MESS UP THE WINE MIXER!!.

  • Muppet Baby

    I too am loving these posts – THESE are the lines my brother and I quote to each other – those of the obscure characters.

  • illeaturfamily

    @ BanditOne



    @ Muppet Baby

    I’m in the same exact boat with my roommate. Whenever I’m bored at work I’ll text him something bizarre from one of these weird movie characters. It’s great for inside jokes and what not.

  • Nattyb

    You guys are making me all warm and mushy inside. If you have any other good topic ideas let me know.

  • Madison

    Step Brothers: the most quotable movie of the decade? Perhaps.

    @ Dave

    Eastbound is such an incredible show. So glad it’s coming back for another season.

  • MacGyver1138

    This movie was a bit underrated. Definitely not the most intelligent comedy I’ve ever seen, but funny nonetheless.

    I could have gone my whole life without seeing Will Ferrell smear his ballsac on a drum set and been happier for it, though.

  • charlie tuna

    the end scene is AMAZING.. the song, the short resolution clips… hahahhaha Derek and will ferrals characters as kids flying kites … amazing!


  • illeaturfamily


    … i pray to god that i’m right in thinking it was just a prop set of balls for the movie. the way he slams them around and smears them looks like…. ….like it would just hurt ya know?

  • MacGyver1138

    @ illeaturfamily: I hope you’re right. I didn’t really look too closely, so it’s possible. Still, I must say I was not intending to see a pair of balls, real or fake.