7 Actresses Who Seem to Go Out of Their Way to Be Topless

There are a lot of times where you see an actress go topless to revive or enhance her career.  Unfortunately Hollywood is pretty cruel to women and their looks.   Sometimes women feel they need to show the world that they’ve still got it.  It’s not their fault and as a male I really can’t complain.

But there are some actresses who seem to enjoy the topless role.  For whatever reason I guess they’re very comfortable with their bodies and like showing off the goods.

Here are seven actresses that I feel love doing the topless thing….

Kate Winslet

Apparently the count is 12.  Yes twelve films.  For whatever reason it seems that Kate Winslet chooses roles where she ends up sans a bra or shirt.   And I think at this point Winslet pretty much has the choice to play whoever she wants so let’s just assume she wants to be topless.

Marisa Tomei

I don’t remember Tomei being topless or in sexy scenes this often when she was younger do you?  In her My Cousin Vinny days it just didn’t seem that Tomei was that type of actress.   After 2000 in What Women Want I think she was a bit freer with her body.  And then The Wrestler.  Forget about it.  I feel like she pulled a Halle Berry on that one.   She must have had 20 minutes of boob time in that movie.  All told she’s been topless in 5 movies though it feels like more.

Heather Graham

I feel like ever since the movie Boogie Nights Graham just had no qualms about taking off her top…and I was right.   She’s been taking her top off quite a bit.  In fact we’re talking 8 movies where the blonde beauty has bared nearly all.

Julianne Moore

Here’s another graduate of the Boogie Nights school of toplessness.   It’s not so much that Moore goes out of her way to be topless but she’s definitely been in some pretty sexual scenes.  Have you seen The Kids are Alright?  That was pretty hardcore.   Though I think 8 topless appearances qualifies.

Anne Hathaway

The amazing thing here is that I feel like every movie I see Hathaway in she takes off her top.  I was 100% wrong.  Maybe it’s just Jake Gyllenhaal that keeps her topless.  It’s only 4 movies but it really seems like more doesn’t it?

Kim Cattrall

Getting older does not stop this one from taking off her top.  14 movies.   Case closed.

Sharon Stone

I think Stone will be baring all well into her 70s just to say that she did it.   She’s the queen here.  19 movies being topless.

  • TravRadLibFraud

    Do not forget “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.” Pretty much the hottest Maris Tomei scenes around.

  • yeah, Kate Winslet better be at the top, it’s just expected for her to be naked in every movie.

  • Marcus

    HEY! Where is Matthew McConaughey?

    Ok ok I know it’s actresses, but still…

  • Steve

    In about 10 years you can add Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus to this list.

    Oh wait, you’re only talking about mainstream films right?

  • Aleina

    There are many others to be listed in this list for my son.


  • Chris

    You forgot Milla Jovovich.

  • Bob

    Hey! You said topless and I didn’t see a single topless actress! What’s the big idea here?!

  • Jay

    You forgot to mention Jennifer Jason Leigh. She has been in topless scenes every decade since the 1980’s (Fast Times at Ridgemont High to Margot at the Wedding). According to Mr. Skin she has appeared topless in 16 films which is more than any other actress listed here. My favorite movie and her best topless scenes is in Flesh + Blood.

  • Alex

    Malin Akerman deserved to be in this list

  • Bert

    Helen Mirren did a lot of topless scenes at the start of her career, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Hector19

    Angelina Jolie has kept her clothes on for the last several years, but the first decade of her career she appeared nude in an astronomical percentage of her films. She qualifies for this list.

  • Boober1350

    Someone posted above about Milla Jovovich and he is exactly, 100% right. For years I’ve been saying she must have a “must-be-topless” clause in her contract.

  • thegreatfatsby

    Lmao at Marcus. Best thing about that is when Matt Damon takes the piss out of him for it.

    “Mr Soderbergh, do you know what would make this film better. Yeah, if I got to take my shirt off.”


  • strange to find sharon stone @ the last place of your list..that’s not fair;)

  • big list …..Lmao

  • they have nice skin also….

  • Henrik

    Helen Mirren. Just watch some of her older films. She was smokin’ hot. She even did a pretty hot topless scene as late as last year in Love Ranch.

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  • jon



  • MST

    Don’t forget Diane Lane. “Unfaithful” was pretty graphic.

  • Edward

    Show me one movie where Malin Ackerman doesn’t get them out.

  • Ryan

    Haley Berry…….
    And best of all, her seen with Billy bob Thornton!!
    Enough said

  • Ryan

    Halle berry, my bad
    And was that picture of mila kunis in the bathroom scene of “forgetting Sarah Marshal” really her topless or not?
    If so she should be on there regardless of the fact that it’s only one film and only on a picture. She is so f’ng sexy!!

  • Agree regarding Diane Lane; also appearing nude in The Cotton Club, The Big Town, Lady Beware, Chaplin, and A Walk on the Moon.

    But Kate Winslet is today’s artsy standard barer. 🙂

  • downisland

    What about demi?