Seven Actors Who Are Funny Without Even Having to Try


There are some people in this world that are funny without even having to try.  They might laugh a certain way.  They might even speak a certain way.  They might just have to be in your presence and you know at some point they’re going to do something that makes you roll of your chair.

I feel like the actors I’ve chosen for this list fall right into that category.  Sure they’re funny people.  Don’t get me wrong.  But I think you understand what I’m talking about.  Their mere presence already sets you up for a good time.

Here are seven actors who are funny without having to try…..

Will Ferrell


When you really think about it what does Will Ferrell really do other than yell?  It’s almost like he’s just being himself and that’s funny enough.  He’s like one of those friends you have that just has to sit there and you’ll laugh at the guy.   Just put him in some funny clothes and you’re good to go all night.

Luis Guzman


I mentioned Luis last month.  Guy is awesome.  His face alone warrants laughter.  Plus his lisp and full out way of speaking.   He can recite Shakespeare and somehow it would come out funny.

Zach Galifanakis


His body.  His mannerisms.  Everything about Zack is funny.  I can say this though.  If he had no facial hair he wouldn’t be nearly as funny.  Pretty amazing.  So technically that means all he has to do is have a beard and he’ll have a career.  Like if he lost 30 lbs and shaved?  Guy would have zero roles right now.

Craig Robinson


I absolutely love Craig Robinson.  Every thing he says comes out funny and the guy is just talking.  He’s far and away my favorite character on The Office.   The show isn’t even good anymore but he still is.  Glad he’s picking up more film roles.

Jonah Hill


Here’s another guy that has to stay kind of portly to keep getting himself roles.  I just can’t see a thin Jonah Hill being remotely funny but as long as he’s packing on an extra few he’ll make me laugh without having to do much.

Tracy Morgan


Credit Tina Fey with this one.  His character on 30 Rock is amazing.  Seriously just make the guy talk and you’re good to go.  They just had to fine a gimmick for him and it’s been working for like 5 years now.  Oddly enough I didn’t really find him that funny on SNL, only his Brian Fellows character.

Jason Segel


I just think he’s a goofy oaf and I kind of like that about him.  Like a lower end Will Ferrell.  Way lower.  But he’s very talented.  I will admit that.


From the comments section there’s support for Bill Murray and Alec Baldwin so let’s not leave them out

  • Amey

    Sacha Baron Cohen

  • fdileague

    What a stupid list! How is it even possible to have a list like this without Alec Baldwin at the top. Your list immediately lost all of it’s credibility from the first picture.

    • Nattyb

      That is actually a very good call however I do think Baldwin tries. It’s not like he doesn’t try to be in character in his roles. The other guys seem more natural.

  • Mateus

    Said who? Most of these guys are a unfunny pain in the ass

  • Dude, Bill Murray isn’t on this list? I’m shocked.

    • Nattyb


      I stand corrected, you are right he should be on here.

  • Cheryl

    I just saw Dinner for Schmucks and Jermaine from Flight of the Concords was Hilarious in it!! I’ve never seen the tv show but I have seen his stand up on comedy shows…I vote for him and his sexy sex LOL

  • Kristoph

    Terry Crews!

  • Parker Jammstein

    I second Terry Crews, when he’s lusting after Katt Williams in whatever Friday movie that was (the Christmasy one) I lose it.

    Rob Riggle: He came to my college a year after Step Brothers came out and some drunk asshole kept screaming “Catalina Wine Mixer!”. Guy was like “Okay, cool. Are you having one? Am I invited?” Boss.

    Daniel Tosh: Yeah I know technically he’s not an actor, but when your once-a-week show kicks John Stewart’s ass you’re doing something right.

    John C. Reilly: He’s with Jonah Hill and Galifanakis in that they’re all chunky/goofy as fuck

    Donald Glover: He absolutely owns in Community, and his standup is some of the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever heard.

  • chrystani

    First off… Heidi looks good in that pic.

    But anywho… Jonah Hill just has that face like hes about to talk mad shit about you.

    Like he looks like hes always in thought for that perfect joke, to make you look like an ass.

    Seth Rogan could have been on this list, but like you said… He lost weight and we haven’t heard from him in a minute.

  • J5

    I gotta agree with needing the addition of Bill Murray, but other than that it’s a pretty solid list. I dont really like Jonah Hill, but I have a friend who actually went to high school with him and said he acts just like his character in the 40 year old virgin, ackward and hilarious.

  • Jbo

    Zach, Luis and Tracy, yes.

    Jonah Hill is an absolute abomination, Jason Segal is….funnyish, I haven’t seen enough of Craig Robinson and are you kidding me? Will Farrell tries harder than anyone on the planet and rarely succeeds in a way worth noting.

  • clancy

    What about Danny McBride?

  • Laura

    First person that came to my mind was will arnett…GOB himself.

  • Alex

    The only work of Tracy Morgan I have seen is that horrible movie he completely ruined with Bruce Willis. So therefore I have a real hard time believing he could actually be funny in any way,shape or form. I don’t I have ever seen a worse comedic performance

    • Madison

      His stand up is atrocious. Just unwatchable. He had his moments on SNL and he’s great on 30 Rock, but everything else is embarrassingly bad.

  • Ty

    How about Norm MacDonald? His whole persona is that he doesn’t give a shit and is never trying, and he might be the funniest man on the planet.

  • Greg

    Phil Hartman…

  • Doug

    Let’s go back in time a bit: Mel. Freaking. Brooks. He produced “The Elephant Man” and had to keep his name off the poster so that people didn’t think it was a comedy. The moment he walks on screen or his name appears in the credits, you know you’re in for a ride.

  • Miauw

    Yea, of course Bill Murray!

  • Whatever

    So I tried to do the same list except with females………..VERY TOUGH. Here’s what I got:

    Ellen Page
    Jeneane Garofalo
    Jennifer Coolidge
    Wanda Syes
    Sandra Berhard – not sold on this one
    Bette Midler

    I’m officially out of candidates………..

  • Tyson

    I would have said Steve Martin

  • illeaturfamily

    I’m puzzled. Why is it that when any of these lists come out it brings all the goofy ass trolls with it? Seriously. I’m going to find out where each and every one of you work and I’m going to show up, follow you around all day and wait for you to do something – anything – that I disagree with and lay down a barrage of ways I would have done the same thing… EVEN IF I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING. Essentially that’s what’s going on here.

    ***steps off soapbox***

    Really if you think about it, the guys on this list are the ones who are funny without “acting” it out.

  • Ant2206

    Will Ferrell? Really? He’s one of the most over-the-top, try-hard actors out there today. Billy Murray just has to look at you and you’ll crack up.

    Folks like Bill Murray, William Shatner, and Alec Baldwin blow any of these chumps out of the water. Apart from maybe Craig Robertson.


  • Julio

    Peter Sellers, Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Carell.

  • MergedLoki

    Will Ferrell is just not funny.

    or maybe he is but with the exception of anchor man he’s not a funny guy IN his movies.

    In fact, yea alot of the people on this list just aren’t funny outside of one or two roles.

    Will Ferrell, seth rogan (not on the list but similar in that he plays the EXACT SAME ROLE in EVERY movie). Will Ferrell essentially plays the ‘stupid’ guy’ Rogan plays the ‘fat stoner’ guy.

    I mean if comedy is acting like a moron then by that definition I could be hilarious because it’s pretty easy to act like a dumbass.

  • boogie

    Owen Wilson, nuff said.

  • Guy Incognito

    Jemaine Clement is definitely just funny on his own. Bret and Jemaine’s characters on their show are actually just them. And Jemaine is clearly the standout.

  • Pugiron

    You’re an idiot. With the exception of Luis and Craig, these tools just try to act really outlandish, trying VERY HARD all the time, never knowing when to turn it off. They are not “being natural.” They are just Jim Carey clones, thinking the world ill love them if they just try hard enough.

  • madpat

    Danny McBride anyone?!?!?

    • Madison

      Yes. He has never been unfunny.

  • Orleanas


    I completely agree with you! I love Norm, though he makes me uncomfortable / uncertain in that he is so unpredictable…but sooooo funny, without even seeming to try.

  • chelsea

    i would have to put tina fey as the only female on the list. she is hilarious no matter what she does.

    as for other actors missed, jermaine clement for sure, danny mcbride, CHRIS PRATT, daniel tosh, louis ck and many other comedians/actors.

    good list, though!

  • MR

    No christopher walken???? REALLY!?!?!??!?!

  • Chris Rock, Louis CK, and of course Jim Carrey

  • masked

    What about Terry Crews? or Christopher Walken? Seriously

  • e

    worst list ever.

  • Tracy Morgan is not funny at all, just annoying. I liked Jonah Hill until I saw Get Him to the Greek and Will Ferrel stooped being funny a while ago.

  • Jim

    I know a lot of actors now that I can’t help but laugh at whenever I see them.
    Charlie Sheen
    Christopher Walken
    Val Kilmer (Now that he’s fat)

  • Gary

    Chris farley?????

  • Bob

    Danny McBride, anyone?