Seven Actors Who Are Funny Without Even Having to Try


There are some people in this world that are funny without even having to try.  They might laugh a certain way.  They might even speak a certain way.  They might just have to be in your presence and you know at some point they’re going to do something that makes you roll of your chair.

I feel like the actors I’ve chosen for this list fall right into that category.  Sure they’re funny people.  Don’t get me wrong.  But I think you understand what I’m talking about.  Their mere presence already sets you up for a good time.

Here are seven actors who are funny without having to try…..

Will Ferrell


When you really think about it what does Will Ferrell really do other than yell?  It’s almost like he’s just being himself and that’s funny enough.  He’s like one of those friends you have that just has to sit there and you’ll laugh at the guy.   Just put him in some funny clothes and you’re good to go all night.

Luis Guzman


I mentioned Luis last month.  Guy is awesome.  His face alone warrants laughter.  Plus his lisp and full out way of speaking.   He can recite Shakespeare and somehow it would come out funny.

Zach Galifanakis


His body.  His mannerisms.  Everything about Zack is funny.  I can say this though.  If he had no facial hair he wouldn’t be nearly as funny.  Pretty amazing.  So technically that means all he has to do is have a beard and he’ll have a career.  Like if he lost 30 lbs and shaved?  Guy would have zero roles right now.

Craig Robinson


I absolutely love Craig Robinson.  Every thing he says comes out funny and the guy is just talking.  He’s far and away my favorite character on The Office.   The show isn’t even good anymore but he still is.  Glad he’s picking up more film roles.

Jonah Hill


Here’s another guy that has to stay kind of portly to keep getting himself roles.  I just can’t see a thin Jonah Hill being remotely funny but as long as he’s packing on an extra few he’ll make me laugh without having to do much.

Tracy Morgan


Credit Tina Fey with this one.  His character on 30 Rock is amazing.  Seriously just make the guy talk and you’re good to go.  They just had to fine a gimmick for him and it’s been working for like 5 years now.  Oddly enough I didn’t really find him that funny on SNL, only his Brian Fellows character.

Jason Segel


I just think he’s a goofy oaf and I kind of like that about him.  Like a lower end Will Ferrell.  Way lower.  But he’s very talented.  I will admit that.


From the comments section there’s support for Bill Murray and Alec Baldwin so let’s not leave them out