Five Actors Who Could Get Lifetime Achievement Awards Right Now


Surprisingly enough when I looked at the list of Lifetime Achievement Award winners in past Oscar shows there is smaller percentage on this list that are actors than I had thought.  Granted the main focus of the show itself is acting and movies so I guess dues must be paid elsewhere.  Still though, I’m curious how many actors will win this award by the time I pass on.

It’s about the most prestigious honor you can get as an actor or anyone in film so I suppose some criteria is necessary.  Most people who get this award are generally a bit older.  Clearly they’ve got a history.  But more importantly they are influential both on and off the camera.

Here are five actors who could get lifetime achievement awards right now

Al Pacino


When you’re the star of The Godfather it’s almost automatic but let’s not get cute.  Clearly the man has had some roles other than playing an Italian Gangster.  Personally I think his performance in Scent of a Woman was legendary.   The man has been acting since 1968.  He’s won an Oscar and he’s done very little in the line of crappy movies.  Amazingly too?  He’s only got 46 credits for his movie career.  Pretty crazy huh?

Meryl Streep


I can only assume it’s a matter of time before Streep wins this award.  Not only is she one of the best actresses ever, she’s one of the best actors ever, period.  Every single thing this woman is in her performance is dead on awesome.  Also, I think she just seems like a great person no?  She’s always humble and yet has a confidence.  The woman knows how to take it all in stride and I’d love to see her give an acceptance speech.

Clint Eastwood


Well, he already got one from the DGA so he might as well get one from the Academy.  The man could easily get an award for his directing alone, not to mention he’s a hell of a composer.  But if you go back to his Westerns to Dirty Harry to Gran Torino, Eastwood has had a hell of a tough guy career.  I’d put him right up there with John Wayne

Anthony Hopkins


Hell this is a guy who thought about quitting acting a few years ago.  Sir Anthony is an obvious choice.  He’s classy.  He’s well spoken.  His “fava beans” line is one of if not the most popular lines in cinematic history.  Not only would he kick ass with his speech, he’s clearly got the resume.

Robert De Niro

De Niro

If we could just remove all the comedies De Niro has ever been in with the exception of Meet the Parents I would feel a bit stronger about this selection.  I mean from the 70’s to late 90’s there aren’t too many known actors more known than Robert De Niro.  And you’d think he’s just this gangster type guy but that’s totally wrong.  Look at Taxi Driver, Cape Fear, Heat, Deer Hunter, you name it.  He can act.  Period.

*I was debating putting Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman on here but I’m not 100% sure they’re are versatile as the other actors on here.  Tough call though.


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