A White Girl Auditions for a Tyler Perry Movie


One of my favorite “investigative journalism” (and I use that term loosely) pieces I’ve done on the site here was when I sat down and watched a bunch of Tyler Perry movies to see if me, a white guy, could get anything out of them. I found them not horrifically bad as the trailers suggest, but just full of a lot of feel good fluff and heavy handed moral preaching.

But one thing that is conspicuously absent from these movies is white people. And if they do show up, it’s only in a handful of roles that aspiring actress Eliza Skinner demonstrates above. I know Tyler Perry is a huge fan of the site (at least I’m assuming he is, who wouldn’t be?), so Tyler, if you’re reading this, cast this chick in your next movie. I vote for the corporate boss role. “We have work to do. Business work.”

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