A Thoughtful Deleted Scene from The Avengers


With The Avengers being almost three hours long, it’s obvious that some stuff had to be left on the cutting room floor. But it is a shame that this particular scene got cut, as the film could have used a few more introspective moments like this one.

It has Captain America, Steve Rogers, attempting to cope with living life 70 years in the future. He has to deal the new technology sure, but also the fact that all his friends are either dead or ancient. There’s also a bit featuring the waitress from the end, which makes her character’s appearance later less random. And there’s another Stan Lee cameo! Why would you want to cut that?

Perhaps I’ll buy the Blu-ray if there’s some way to watch an extended cut of the film with more scenes like these in it.

  • Cartle

    Definitely a great scene.

    I thought Whedon confirmed there wouldn’t be a way to watch these as part of the movie, but I could be wrong.

  • Steve2

    Don’t worry, the people at fanedit.org are probably gonna do it for us. Just gotta download it when they’re done. Extended editions, where the deleted scenes are simply put back in, don’t take very long to do.

  • Dahustler

    Almost 2hours long? The BluRay version i got is 2:22:54

  • Dan

    That was Stan Lee who leaned back and said “don’t be a moron”.

  • MetFanMac

    Not gonna lie, this would probably be better as part of a Captain America sequel than being stuck into The Avengers.