A Theoretical Look for Luke Skywalker in Episode VII


It’s currently the worst kept secret in Hollywood right now that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford will reprise their roles as Luke, Leia and Han in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. We don’t know if they’re the stars or simply support, but some fans are already imagining what they might look like in the film.

Above we have old Luke Skywalker channeling his bearded mentor Obi-Wan. I think it’s a really damn cool concept, but I’m not sure how close it will be to reality. I love Mark Hamill, but I think he’ll have to lose a pound or two in order to pull this look off. Though the same is likely true for Fisher and Ford as well, as none are exactly in action star shape anymore (even if Harrison Ford thinks he is). But perhaps their roles won’t call for that sort of heroics.

Artist here is Phil Noto. Good stuff, Phil.

  • mjlaxnmd

    Alec Guiness was hardly in “action star shape” when he played Obi Wan, he and Vader barely moved in the original Star Wars lightsaber duel. Palpatine wasn’t exactly in “action star shape” himself for his duels in Ep 3.

    Then again, I also thought that Lucas missed an opportunity to explore how Jedi force powers increase as their physical skills and abilities diminished with age. As fun as the Yoda/Dooku and Yoda/Palpatine duels were, it seemed silly to me that not only did the elderly resort to physical confrontation but that their skills INCREASED well beyond their physical peaks.

  • OrangeDot3083

    What if the force is like a candle and flares just before it goes out?

  • Jedijax

    Not to be disrespectful to Mark, specially since he is such a decent guy, but he has no way of pulling Skywalker off again, especially if you have read the novels taking place years after the events in the movies. Just take a look at the japanese cover representations of Luke. THAT is Skywalker.