A Shot-by-Shot Live Action Remake of A Goofy Movie – Why the Hell Not?


This is yet another project that just makes me say, “Why?” but now that I’ve been doing this site for a year now, I’m almost starting to get used to stuff like this.

Why would anyone want to make a shot-by-shot remake of that one song from A Goofy Movie? I have no idea, but I do know that it’s awesome, and just might be the best live-action adaptation of something animated I’ve ever seen. Though to be honest, not many other examples are flashing through my head right now.

True story: When I was five my mom made my friend and I walk out of A Goofy Movie because the kid was being disrespectful to his father. I think this is why I review R-rated movies and play M-rated games for a living today.

  • Dave

    Fucking awesome

  • Jen

    lol this is so rad! really well done 🙂
    “When I was five my mom made my friend and I walk out of A Goofy Movie because the kid was being disrespectful to his father.” no one can make up craziness like this lol

  • That was actually really good. The whole thing!

  • lol the guy looks like Max..maybe a bit older but the big eyes lol.

    I can’t believe someone actually had the time and prethought to do this.

  • I think I relate a lot to the video. This movie was everything when I was little. haha. It has that same affect on a lot of people. Sorry your mom was a nazi…

  • Techy

    Amazing Video! I have done video shorts, and know how much time, sweat and effort went into this video. You have more than imagination and creativeness. You actually got your friends motivated to see your dream of creating a video with you and take time to shoot video and learn steps, dance moves, etc. I can barely get my friends to stand still long enough for a regular digital camera photo. You must be a very amazing person, and I hope you use all your given talents to its fullest in life.

  • Peter

    simply amazing

  • dani


  • A. Banana

    Thank you for creating this! And for creating it almost completely like the cartoon! Well done indeed! Its people like you who improve our world!

  • Absoultely amazing video.i very much liked it!Thanks & well done.

  • Classic movie and nice little reproduction for only a 100 bucks…plus, out of all the songs in that movie, this was the only one feasible to do for the budget. I say well done.

  • PJB

    Where is that girl’s belly button? Yikes!