A Roman Statue You Never Thought You’d See

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Ah Rome, home of classic architecture and a whole host of famous statues in various states of undress and decay. It’s nice to see someone is trying to carry on the rich tradition of the area, but I doubt this is the sort of classical art the majority of the public would approve of.

This is a very real statue, spotted in Rome by a lucky traveler. It’s a scene from fan-made slash fiction novels that a whole host of strange nerds have longed to see over the years, but for the rest of us, it’s incredibly bizarre.

Will historians be digging through Rome 3,000 years from now and find this, and go “What he hell was wrong with people in the 21st century? Did everyone really dress like this?”

  • Hopton

    so.. there’s a statue of batman getting it on with superman? Right… well…

  • very sexy scene <3

  • john

    this is wrong

  • You sure this isn’t GREEK,,,lol,,,