A Ridiculously Ridiculous (but Sort of Sweet) Star Wars Engagement

One of my favorite posts from the past year was this photo set which had a traditional engagement photoshoot invaded by a zombie attack.

So naturally, I’m open to any sci-fi themed engagement shoot in the hopes that it would be equally cool. Today we have a couple going full nerd with Star Wars, and the results are…interesting.

It’s a love story between a Jedi and a Sith who were never meant to be together, but after a brief almost-fight to the death, they fell in love. I’m guessing she’s supposed to be whatever the hell Darth Maul was, but she looks more like someone in Call of Duty: Black Ops face paint camo.

This is in fact one of the dorkiest things I’ve EVER seen, but that doesn’t mean it’s not kind of sweet. Check out the full gallery shot by Michael James Photography below:

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  • SWa

    LOL sith with a christ cross…. so much beta in these pictures.

  • Jason

    He’s really going to regret this when he wakes up and she’s cut off his head with her lightsaber. Seriously.

  • Tim


  • Kylie

    This is the cutest thing! I’m apart of the sith but my boyfriend is a jedi, oh well we are in love but I must go battle him! I shall win!