A Ridiculously Huge Gallery of Scott C’s Famous Showdowns

Scott C Showdown 92

You may or may not remember a post I made about a year ago now that was promoting a show by Scott C. He’s an artist who took it upon himself to create paintings of over 200 famous cinematic and pop culture showdowns, and put them on display. We didn’t have access to those prints then, unfortunately.

But we do now.

A hundred of them at least. In the massive gallery below you’ll find such famous rivals as Neo and Agent Smith, The Bride and Oren-Ishii, Han and Greedo and astronaut miners and an asteroid. It’s a blast looking through all of these to see what you can find, and I still haven’t managed to get through them all yet. You’re welcome to try in the gallery below. Has he missed any big ones? Honestly? ¬†Also: here’s his website.

Scott C Showdown 87



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