A Photo Gallery of Stanley Kubrick With Famous People

How about a piece of that cake pal? We don’t have all day.


Frank Silvera, Irene Kane, and Kubrick shooting Killer’s Kiss


Kubrick and Carlo Fiore in 1960


Famous silhouettes


  • Jake Fortner

    All I have to say is thank you. I’ve studied Kubrick in college for several projects now, and he is one of my favorite directors, and I thank you for the gallery, and thank you for saying the truth that no one wants to hear. We can tout a lot of modern filmmakers, but damn . . . when you watch a movie in, say, the 70s, and you see how each shot is painstakingly set up to use reflections, colors, and movement to capture not only what is supposed to real, but what these people think, feel, and what they are going to do – without saying a word – it becomes very obvious that type of filmmaking is dead. There are some filmmakers from time to time that use some of these old standards (Paul Thomas Anderson is one). We can’t settle for calling every big movie a classic anymore, our standards are too low. But yeah, makes me sad. 2001 has so much detail in it it’s rediculous. Man, I miss those kinds of movies.