A Look at the Monsters From Where The Wild Things Are…On Skateboards


Slashfilm has posted a couple images of the monsters from Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are, albeit plastered on skateboards created by Jonze’s co-founded skateboard company.  I gotta say, they look pretty good, even though the bird monster in the middle looks a lot like Nimbly from The Neverending Story 2.  Anyway, Spike Jonze rules for two reasons:

1. He directed the videos for Undone (The Sweater Song) and Buddy Holly, both by Weezer, one of the greatest bands of all time (noooo weezer sucks your [sic] an idiot blah blah blah papa roach); and

2. His cameo in Jackass 2 where he dressed as an old lady with floppy, disgusting titties.

Where The Wild Things Are is going to be awesome if Jonze is allowed to do it his way.