A Logical Defense of the Endless ‘Saw’ Series


I’m growing tired of the chorus of people crying about how the Saw series needs to die. I thought I was alone in this, but someone over at HorrorSquad shares my beliefs, and wrote a rather interesting defense of the films, part of which I’d like to share.

It’s a Serial!

The massively popular, horror-centric, and entirely silly True Blood is discussed like it’s the reinvention of the vampire. (It’s not. But it’s good.) So far there have been 24 60-minute episodes of True Blood, which equals 1,440 minutes. By comparison the first five Saw films equal about 475 minutes. My point is this: Why should we hear cries of “enough!” on one and “ooooh, more please!” on another? Do the horror geeks not deserve their own equivalent of an “unending” soap opera? Is it fair that people bemoan a Saw 6 yet sit down for General Hospital … every day for 15 years??

So yeah, it’s like a long running TV show that doesn’t get canceled because frankly, tons of people are still tuning in. If you could make a movie that cost under $10M and was guaranteed to make $100M, you’d never stop doing it either, which is the next point the writer makes in his article. Go here to read the rest.


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