A Jawdropping Gallery of Fairytale Fantasies

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One of our most popular posts uh..ever, is this one, which featured comic book artist J. Scott Campbell‘s sexy take on a number of classic Disney princesses.

Well as it happens, over the past year or so, his passion for spicing up childhood memories has only grown, and now he has a full-fledged calendar out called “Fairytale Fantasies,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

He takes the protagonists from a number of classic stories, some Disney, some simply fairytale, and shows them to us like we’ve never seen before. Ladies, I apologize for pandering to the men here, but I couldn’t resist with this gallery. Everyone should check it out below:

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  • fgh

    boner alert

  • Stormageddon

    Where do those women keep their abdominal organs?

  • Kaeyne

    I really dig the artist and the style but isn’t this, like, the fifth or sixth time you posted the same pictures?

  • Steve

    These are new, other than the Wicked Queen and the Cinderella which was released as a teaser for this new calendar.

    Phenomenal, btw. Campbell is such a talent.

  • JZ

    Campbell is awesome. Haven’t seen him do interiors on any comics in a while. Awesome cover from last year though: http://cdn.ifanboy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/JUL090490.jpg

  • Nick S

    These are new. And awesome.

  • trashcanman

    Gorgeous. I would kill to see this guy working on the Fables comic series.

  • Draugr

    Sometimes I wonder If Campbell has actually ever seen a woman.

  • Steve

    reminds me of Robert Leifield (or whoever that Marvel artist was in the 90’s that gave the woman big tits, small waists, and the men big muscles and small heads).

  • Stormageddon

    Rob Leifeld is still around. He was drawing the Hawk and Dove book for the new 52. Apparently it didn’t do well because it’s being cancelled.

    These women all have severe spine problems and appear to be missing some abdominal organs. Most appear to have Mr. Fantastic’s stretching ability in their legs.

  • Qerero

    Ok, down off Mt. Pious all the “OMG these are not REAL women” people. They’re comic art pinups ffs, deal with it. I’m quite sure photorealism was not the goal here.

  • Xin

    Oh my gawd why aren’t all of these females anatomically correct?!

  • Koze

    My one gripe is that their faces are all too similar.

  • Lima Zulu

    Qerero, of course not. There’s no need to portray women as actual people. All they are are warm-bodied sex toys. 9_9

  • Bgbg

    Your all reading a blog titled unreality, really going to complain about some fictional art?

  • Brent Highley

    Wah! They’re unrealistic! So what? They aren’t meant to be fantasy based eye candy. The only problem I have is that the link on Tinkerbell seems to be broken and I cannot get it to enlarge to save it at full size.