A History of Obvious Product Placement in Movies


Our good friends over at FilmDrunk have taken the time to craft this rather informative video, which chronicles conspicuous product placement in movies. As it turns out, the practice goes all the way back to 1919, and though it’s gotten more obvious over the years, it’s not exactly a new concept.

I’ll give you one guess to figure out who earned the “whore award” for most brands in a single film. Yes, who else but Michael Bay, with a record 47 logos appearing onscreen at some point or another during Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I knew there was a reason that movie was two and a half hours long.

  • Andrew C

    Hahah, the Wayne’s World bit is my favorite. Still hilarious

  • Metallimetal

    I was nearly in tears when the Wayne’s World part came up. Speaking of that, I really need to get both of those movies… So funny.

  • Matt

    I’ve never understood why ppl have a problem with product placement. Honestly I don’t even notice them most of the time or think about them being anything special. I mean seriously it bothers you to see someone eating a subway sandwich in a movie? Does it bother you when you see a coworker eating one? Why would you rather see them eating, drinking, or shopping in something fake? See them drinking a Doke instead Coke, or shopping in Bullseye instead of target. Stuff like that stands out way more to me than the real thing does.

  • Bud the Chud

    They must of forgotten about this movie, which probably has the most blatant product placement and also is starring a young George Clooney.
    It goes on longer but that was the only clip I could find.
    Yes I know it is a cheesy B movie from the 80’s, but Return of the Killer Tomatoes was one that cracked me up as a kid.

  • Drester

    @Matt: It doesn’t bother me when it happens in a “flow” but a few second clip of only the product is kind of annoying. Like the Hershey bar in the clip.

    Btw, they missed the best one: “Royale with Cheese”

  • Keitaro

    i like the one in back to future 2, its funny to see how people envision some every day product in future 😀

  • Matthijs

    Wow, that was really interesting! The Converse All-Star thing made me cringe again, just like the first time I saw I, Robot (which was also the last time I would see it, I promised myself).

  • sass

    How about the return of the killer tomatoes, pretty funny product placemetn and jokes on the movie being so cheap.