A Harry Potter Mind Melt


You know, after reading all these books three times, and seeing every movie, you would think I could have figured this out on my own, but alas, this is the first I’ve heard of such a theory. And really, how can it not be what JK Rowling intended?

For the uninitiated, I’m not even going to attempt to explain what the hell this is talking about, as you wouldn’t give a shit anyway, but the rest of you Potter fans, did you all know this? Am I  just an idiot? It’s a theory that I don’t think can be proven false. It’s EXACTLY why/how each of these characters died, with Potter in particular literally greeting death as an old friend (a-la-Dumbledore). Snape died serving Lily’s memory, and we all know Voldemort was a giant power hungry prick. It’s perfect, and I have to give JK Rowling a great deal of credit if this was embedded in the story so long and many of us are just realizing it now. Alright, my mind is so blown, I need to lie down for while.

  • Drester

    Ok, I haven’t read it as much as you. But couldn’t it be that Dumbledore is the second brother? He also died for lost love, his parents and sister.

  • bubba

    @Drester no cause these three died in the last book dumbledore didn’t

  • lacy

    I am a huge Harry Potter fan. That being said, I also must be uninitiated because I do not get what is so mind blowing about this. Is there any chance I can get an explanation?

  • Drester

    But the 3 brothers all use a Deathly Hollow in the story. The Resurrection Stone is used by Dumbledore so he can communicate with his death family. The ring curses him to death, but because it is partially contained he can live for a year. Snake never uses the Resurrection Stone stone or am I missing something

  • Ian

    @ Lacy:

    The Deathly Hallows gets its name from a wizarding fairy tale titled “The Tale of the Three Brothers.” In this story, three brothers trick death and as such he presents them with three gifts.

    The first brother’s gift is an unbeatable wand (the Elder Wand). He brags about his new power and is murdered in his sleep by another wizard who then steals his wand. He died because of his lust for power, as did Voldemort.

    The second brother’s gift is a stone said to bring people back from the dead. He uses the stone to bring his deceased love back, but when she returns she is a hollow shell of herself. Realizing that he cannot truly bring her back, he kills himself. It can be said that he died for his love, as did Snape.

    The third brother’s gift is an invisibility cloak. He uses it to evade Death for his entire life. He grows old, has a family, and one day removes the cloak and willingly faces Death as an equal…as did Harry Potter in the forbidden forest.

    I have read these books at least 20 times and I never picked up on this. I fucking love the way Rowling wrote these…it had to be intentional.

  • Mind is blown. Absolutely blown.

  • David

    Whoa! I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter but somehow this realization eluded me. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ian

    @Drester – you make a very good point and it almost fits better that way. Voldemort uses the Elder Wand – dies like the first brother. Dumbledore uses the Res. Stone – dies like the second brother. Harry uses the Cloak – “dies” like the third brother.

  • Ian

    …Plus Dumbledore practically commits suicide. He put the ring on foolishly (by his own admittance) and in the end asks for death to come to him. Snape didn’t see it coming until it was too late.

  • deborah

    It fits even better becouse of the items, to voldemort the wand (wich he stole from Dumbledores dead body), to Snape the ring (he was the only one who knew about it besides Dumbledore, and the one who cared for Dumbledore’d injured hand) and the invisibility cloth to Harry, wich he always carried not knowing it was one of the hallows

  • deborah

    Ian, if Dumbledore played any character in the tale, it was of Death itself. He put Snape in the enemies private circle, making everybody want to kill him, he asked Harry to die and then welcomed him in the other side and planned every bit of Voldemort’s death. He wasn’t one of the brothers, he was the old friend who went to get Harry.

  • JoeG

    No Dumbledore died without ever finding a second kniting needle as good as the elder one.

  • Bernardo

    Wow, how cool is this. Makes me want to read the books again actually.

  • Misti

    I have to agree with deborah dumbledore was not any if the brothers because in the story all three origional brothers die dumbledore won the wand off of another wizard then voldemort stole it. Though snape did not have the stone he died protecting potter who was a part of lily and whom snape loved ever since meeting her. I picked this up after reading it and made the connection but as deborah said dumbledore would have to represent death himself because he caused all three to die on the way they did

  • pook

    tvtropes is full of stuff like this

  • madman

    im in aww that people give this shit that much thought… ive watched all the movies a few times… great entertainment… great story… but its jus that people, entertainment… make believe…

    here’s a question for u… why is it that a story like this arouses deep questionable theories in the human mind? but we never ask questions like… how is that the president of the united states can pass a defense bill that allows our government to arrest any american citizen on mere suspicion, suspend habeus corpus, and hold that citizen for up to 10yrs? this thread says alot about the priorities of american citizens… ignorance is bliss i guess… *sigh

  • josh

    I actually had thought this previously. However…I don’t quite know how snape wou

    ld be related to the stone. Otherwise I had thought this before.

  • Ashleigh

    We discussed this, and we believe that Dumbledore is a representation of the one brother and not Snape, for Snape never really had Lily. Dumbledore he did die for lost love, because he lost his family.

  • Themoot

    Madman, this is an entertainment website. That being said, i might also have to lay down from this awesomeness.

  • chelsea

    @madman – for reals, get off your high horse. if you want to read articles and comments regarding political or world issues, maybe going to a site about movies and video games isn’t the place to go to get your fill.

    trying to make yourself sound like you are oh so more worldly and complex than the other readers/commenters makes you seem like a royal douche.

  • cheez

    it is just referencing the deathly hallows and how each character goes along with the story of the hallows Voldermort=Oldest Brother, power hungry. Snape=middle brother wanted to be with the woman he loved and would do ne thing for her. Harry=little brother “defies” death until he is ready to “greet death as an old friend” aka dumbledore

  • Jason

    I’m not a Potter fan, but I saw a few movies. I’m surprised I figured out this at all but I had to try real hard to remember what that symbol was about. Still, neato.

  • Sams

    I don’t get it –^

  • Charlie

    @Madman: Do shut up. Also, Harry Potter is not just entertainment, it is literature. Also, Shut up. I mean, I don’t know you, but I SINCERELY doubt that every conversation and every thought you ever have revolve around the “big issues” of the day. We’ve all got to kick back sometimes. You’re not morally superior or something, you’re just a self-righteous hypocrite who didn’t think it through. Stop being that.


  • JD

    mind blown.

  • Zainab

    I noticed all this while reading the last book, doesn’t take a genius to notice O.o