A Great Lidless Eye, Wreathed in Flame

I believe this was made in response to the angry cries of “AT&T now has capped internet” and came before the days of “AT&T has shitty service everywhere.”

How hard is it to run a media company, really? I worked for Comcast for a summer once, which is a company that everyone hates, often for good reason, but one thing I learned at my time there, pretty much ALL cable/internet companies suck, you just have to be the one that sucks the least, which is often a really low bar.

  • Carlip

    why is anyone surprised about this? every provider will be starting a system like this with in 2 years anyways someone had to start it off. You don’t buy milk on a monthly basis, why are megabyte any different? The more you use, the more the servers have to work, so it should follow that you pay to make the servers work more.

  • Caleb

    Every Nashville resident has been making the Sauron’s Eye joke for years now.

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