A Gallery of What Star Wars Should Be

As many of us have grown up with Star Wars, it often saddens us that Star Wars hasn’t grown up with us. The prequel movie was designed for children, and even promising new games like The Old Republic doesn’t quite capture how gritty and brutal the series could really be.

That’s where artist Kai Lim comes in. He’s stripped away all the flashy light saber fights and Jedi/Sith drama and focused purely on some of the more awesome sci-fi aspects of the series, which involve space ships and laser battles. He’s created an amazing series of artwork showing just how badass the Star Wars universe could be if we wanted it to be, and it makes me sad that Lucas doesn’t seem like he’d ever approve of something like this. It will just have to exist in comics and novels and card games (SWGTCG was what this art was created for), and someday when he dies, maybe we’ll get a movie or game like this.

See the rest of the gallery below:

  • matt

    if george lucas dying results in this awesomeness happening, i’ll go hire a hitman right now

  • Rob Gold

    Stuff like this make me continue to pine for a new Star Wars Battlefront! Next gen graphics, and online play.

    Awesome art though!

    • MegaSolipsist

      Your wish has been granted!

  • bobafett

    But where’s the toys for the kiddies?

  • bubba

    i would love to see a gears of war style game set in this universe

  • Kristoph

    This makes war look bad ass.

    Star Wars has always been a bit family orientated.

    I really wanted to see Anakin go berserk and kill all the sand people and feel the pain he was in by seeing how brutal he was, but he sliced one and the scene changed.. boo.

  • RBourn

    Wow these are really cool pictures.

    It is a sad fact that George Lucas is wholly unable to make anything that anyone will like any more. And yet again these are for peripheral products that Lucas doesn’t bother about much.

    I think it’s time to officially classify Star Wars as modern folklore and grant it general ownership to everyone. Then we could get a really gritty adult Star Wars, maybe with a few more women and aliens in it.

  • Ben

    Am I the only one that sees a giant penis-shaped spaceship in the top picture?

  • Powers

    Ridiculous. Star Wars is space opera, not gritty sci-fi. This totally misses the point.

  • Sparkes

    As soon as Lucas pops his cloggs get Christopher Nolan in, he’d do a gritty Stat Wars.

    Also, definitely see phallus ship.

  • So what they are saying is that Star Wars should be Warhammer 40k with Star Wars Minis… I am not hating this idea.

  • That’s a pretty standard Y-wing fighter. Which looks like a penis.