A Gallery of Twisted Disney Princesses

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This is perplexing me. I’ve seen most of these pictures before, but despite an extensive hunt though my site, I don’t think I ever actually ended up featuring them, despite about 15 other posts with Disney Princesses rendered in sexy, scary or realistic form.

But even if I had, the artist JefToon has added a bunch more since I last saw the collection, updating the gallery with not just princesses, but more or less every female lead in a Disney film. 95% of whom happen to be princesses…

It’s a dark take on classic kids movies, which I’d say most of us can appreciate. You’ll recognize all of them perhaps besides one I couldn’t figure out. There’s a girl named Kida who starred in a 2001 Disney film I never even knew existed, Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

My favorite revamps of the bunch are probably Cinderalla and Snow White, but they’re all pretty damn good. Check them out for yourself below:

  • Jim

    Is it just me or is Jane hangin out with the Gorax?

  • Jim

    Or maybe it’s a Saiyan monkey?

  • Arafax

    Woah, you MUST see Atlantis 🙂 It doesn’t have the typical Music-Szenes, but it has a good story and it’s funny, but at the same time the kill-count is pretty high.

  • Cube

    Mike Mignola (creator of HellBoy) was an art director on Atlantis and is worth seeing just for that.

  • Dagda

    This made me find my DVD and rewatch Atlantis. Think of it as Stargate made by Disney. There were no songs and according to IMDB, the crew wore shirts saying “More explosions, less songs.”
    This might be why I liked it a lot when I was younger.

  • heidi

    whoa these are pretty cool! Especially liked Pocahontas and Mulan…Mulan looks like an Other from Games of Thrones lol.

  • I love the subtle Aquaman reference in the Little Mermaid picture.

  • Mano352

    I believe Snow White is commanding some hobbes. lol

  • Grace Varland

    Of all the Disney princess menageries posted on this site, this one definitely has the most imagination/creativity. Even though the ghoulish and/or bloody theme seems to be a common thread, I love how each princess’ environment plays a role in the creepy concepts. And thank you for choosing so many characters, not just the common four or five. Well done!

  • KittyCat

    The cool part about the pic is that all of them have stories. You have to dig in the comments for the early pics. The lastest pic out is from Robin Hood.

  • Amy

    Beauty and the Beast very much reminds me of Twilight. These are epic pictures!! I can imagine some of them (like Pocahontas) looking much more like that in real life lol

  • Matt

    Ummmmmm yeah they arent all princesses. Just the lead females. Some are princesses. But not all

  • Kynan

    I find Megara, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty the creepiest! ‘Specially Megara!!!!

  • Mia Yan

    I think I’n going to get nightmares. And if you say adults don’t get nightmares, then scare yourself. Then go to sleep. Works every time.

  • chelly

    what about merida? the scottish princess?

  • flyingclipper

    Why is Pocahontas dark-skinned? She was indigenous American, she would be light-skinned/white. The Rapunzel and Beauty And The Beast are great. Nice work.