A Gallery of Twisted Disney Princesses

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This is perplexing me. I’ve seen most of these pictures before, but despite an extensive hunt though my site, I don’t think I ever actually ended up featuring them, despite about 15 other posts with Disney Princesses rendered in sexy, scary or realistic form.

But even if I had, the artist JefToon has added a bunch more since I last saw the collection, updating the gallery with not just princesses, but more or less every female lead in a Disney film. 95% of whom happen to be princesses…

It’s a dark take on classic kids movies, which I’d say most of us can appreciate. You’ll recognize all of them perhaps besides one I couldn’t figure out. There’s a girl named Kida who starred in a 2001 Disney film I never even knew existed, Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

My favorite revamps of the bunch are probably Cinderalla and Snow White, but they’re all pretty damn good. Check them out for yourself below: