A Gallery of Transformers Cosplay


Many cosplay costumes are difficult to create and demand a certain amount of creativity and resourcefulness on the part of whoever is making them.  I can’t imagine many costumes are more difficult to make than Transformers costumes.  I’m not a fan of the Transformers movie, so I was happy to see that just about every costume was designed with the cartoon Transformers in mind.  But to be fair, how would you make a costume that looks like a Transformer from the movie?  I guess you wouldn’t.  After the jump, enjoy the Transformers cosplay gallery.

This is one of the better ones I’ve seen; a very nice Soundwave.


Bumblebee is polluting his robot ears with Decepticon filth.


A rather harmless and pudgy-looking Bumblebee.


I’m not sure exactly what Optimus Prime is up to here.  I’m guessing he’s about to start popping and locking on that dance floor.


A Transformers costume that actually transforms.


This seems to be a robot gang.  I think Starscream is throwing up a sign.


An awesome Starscream chilling with Voltron.


Somewhere, someone with a very weird robot fetish is aroused by this picture.


  • Mike

    That’s not Voltron, that’s Megazord from Might Morphin’ Power Rangers!


  • anonymous


  • Maxcoseti

    That’s not Voltron, that’s Megazord

  • GG

    That Starscream next to the Megazord is Jace Moore, semi-famous in fandom circles for her most excellent costuming skills.

  • Ternes

    I know it’s been said, but it needs to be said again. That’s not Voltron. It’s the Dino Megazord from season one of MMPR. As cool as it would be to see Voltron cosplay, that is not it.

  • Looking good, I say that being the one that dressed up as Soundwave 😉