A Gallery of Straight-Up Awesome Star Wars Art

For some reason, it’s actually a rarity that we feature just straight up Star Wars fan art on the site. For as often as we talk about the series, it’s usually about some cool cosplay costumes, or a mashup between Star Wars and Street Fighter or Pokemon or any other number of things.

But today we just have straight-up Star Wars from artist Kerem Beyit. He’s done a series of  pictures that span from the Clone Wars to the old trilogy to events that I’m not quite sure about. I don’t recognize a few of these characters, but they’re pretty damn cool regardless.

Check out his full gallery below, and see his other work at his profile here.

  • Jim Lahey

    Unles the second to last one is Anakin killing random people while turning into a sith, I thik that and the two women lightsaber fighting are form the SithWars, set way before any of the movies.

  • XenobaNZ

    Is that not meant to be Mara Jade fighting a Twi’lek in the 2nd picture? If so then its from the expanded universe.

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  • Garrette

    did anyone notice that in the first one jabba is smokin’ a houka?