A Gallery of Some Grown-Up Disney Princesses

Living in a college town for about five years now, I’ve seen some pretty absurd excuses for Disney princess costumes each Halloween. But rarely do you see girls get in one big group for an epic photoshoot, and so this gallery is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed.

A lovely group of ladies decided to do a bit of a more grown-up take on the classic Disney princesses, and the result is a rather spectacular gallery I think you’ll appreciate. I believe these were taken at PAX 2010, but I can’t be sure. If there are any more in this collection I’ve missed, or if these ladies have done another batch of costumes, please let me know.

Check out the gallery below.

This is the one I remember.

[closest source link I could find]

  • Jonathan

    in the first picture is that WALL-E checking out tink’s ta tas?

    Tink and Cinderella are defiantly the prettiest here.

    Snow White really looks like Snow White, The closest look alike I think.

  • Nah, Tink & Belle are the hottest. The camera guy was sure into Tink, and her ta tas.

  • jaromir

    Best picture of Princess Jasmine ever is Kim Kardasian.

  • fgh

    Let me suck on Tingelings titties

  • Thank you Paul for my new favourite happy thought.

  • These were taken at San Diego Comic Con 2010. They were cosplaying J. Scott Campbell’s Disney Princess calendar.


    I remember because Campbell was too busy talking to Ariel to talk to me when I asked him to sign a book.

    Not that I blame him really

  • Andy
  • Danielle

    yeah the girl cosplaying alice has a deviant art that was just featured on the site recently (here it is: http://bri-chan.deviantart.com/)

    the last pic you remember is actually a real life version of one of her pictures she drew back in 2007. from what i gather she works at disney and actually is the parks resident alice character that roams around and hugs children and such.

  • chelsea

    recycled post from 6 months ago….

  • Anon E. Moose

    Loooool, I know Ariel. Wish I knew Cinderella, though.

  • Mike

    These were taken at 2010 S.D. Comic-Con. recognize the building and I saw them there.

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  • Mia Yan

    Love the last one! 🙂