A Gallery of Rare Empire Strikes Back Shots

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No that’s not photoshop, this is a real look at the behind-the-scenes filming of The Empire Strikes Back that appears in a new issue of Vanity Fair.

In addition to Luke not having to fall as far as we thought, there are Wompas on stilts, Boba Fett’s armor in pieces and the filming of the opening credits. They really are a cool bunch of photos, most of which I’d never seen before, and I thought I’d seen all this stuff at this point. How are new images from a film made forty years ago still coming out what seems like every other month?

Hit the jump and check out the rest of the gallery:

  • Brian

    Please don’t make me feel older than I am. It was only 30 years!!
    : )

  • Drester

    Great pics! Can’t believe they shot the opening credits like that. It’s weird how they weren’t able to easily tilt the credits but still made those great special effects in the movies.

  • Wookiestick

    The picture of the monkey…
    Could be mistaken but I believe the monkey was supposed to be Yoda before they decided he was going to be a lifelike Muppet. There were difficulties in having the monkey keep the mask on. On top of that animatronic faces were not quite perfected so they decided to employ Jim Henson of the Muppets. He was busy. So they got Frank Oz to puppeteer Yoda instead.

  • Hmm … no pics of Carrie Fisher snorting acres of “Hollywood Flour”

  • John

    Job well done she propably thinks in the end…women and machinery