A Gallery of One Man’s Quest to Make Draw Something Fun Again

(art via Carly Hwang)

I’m posting this gallery for two reasons. One, because it’s a badass collection of “finger art” using Drawing Something that covers many of our favorite topics here on Unreality. Second, because it’s by someone named “Remmmy” and I’m choosing to believe it’s our own Remy Carriero who has a secret talent he’s told none of us about.

I stopped playing Draw Something about four days after I stared because I was bad at it, and everyone I played with was bad at it too, but if I had this guy to go up against, I might have stuck with it for the long haul.

It’s a big gallery, so brace yourself below. Which image is your favorite? I really liked “Eyepatch.”

Middle click pictures to open in a new tab.

  • Ooh Batman is cool.

    Can I just say that I super loathe it when people just spell the word instead of actually trying to draw it?

  • I freaking loved playing this.. as an artist, and avid fan of ridiculously complex ‘finger art’ this was too much fun. You’d be surprised how many people still don’t get the answer with all of those details.. It makes me sad Zynga bought the game. I can’t stand them so I stopped playing.

  • Wite Boy

    well besides Zynga buying it. people just started to flat out not want to play it anymore

  • Hey! It seems I’m getting a little ignored here. 🙁 I’m the original artist of these, and I ask you to please link back to my website since you have rehosted all of my imgs.