A Gallery of Old Celebrities, Young Again

Looking at all the great, veteran actors that are still alive today, you sometimes forget about the long and storied careers they’ve had before now, and their early roles that made them stars.

Sure, they may be pudgy and gray these days, but that wasn’t always the case, and I thought I’d assemble this pretty cool gallery showing today’s old-timers in their youthful glory days.

Check out the pictures below, and if you have any of your own to add, send them over to me at paul@unrealitymag.com and I’ll add them if they’re worthwile.

Al Pacino

Emma Thompson

Harrison Ford

Ian McKellen

Jack Nicholson

Helen Mirren

Dustin Hoffman

Clint Eastwood

Jodie Foster

Liam Neeson

Judi Dench

Christopher Walken

Michael Caine

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Meryl Streep

Betty White

Morgan Freeman

Richard Gere

Robert Duvall

Robert Redford

Sylvester Stallone

Update – A few more from reader Karen:

Sean Connery

Mel Gibson

Paul Newman

Raquel Welch

BAM! We have a winner.