A Gallery Of My Favorite Comic Actors When They Were Young


There’s one thing that never fails to make me happy, and that’s comedy. Bill Cosby was totally right when he said that “Through humor [one] can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers.” Now I now that today belongs to Iron Man, and that Marvel’s Phase 2 has officially begun. But I’d like to turn our attention to a different type of superhero for a bit.

You see, to me, comedians are sort of like superheroes because they possess the rare power of being funnier than the average person (and isn’t being “better than average” what being “super” is all about?). You think saving the world is hard? Try making someone genuinely laugh. So I’ve collected some photos of my favorite comedians/funny people when they were young. It’s always fun to look at how famous people looked during their youth. Below, you’ll discover that many of these comedy folks look exactly the same, while others are almost unrecognizable.


Zack Galifianakis


Woody Allen


Tina Fey


Mindy Kaling


Marc Maron


Maya Rudolph


Louis C.K.


Lena Dunham


Jim Carrey


David Letterman


Bill Maher

  • Louis C.K –> Charlie Sheen

  • Paul

    Wow. Louie was one handsome fella. Angry like a ginger though 😀

  • Eduardo

    That’s Maya Rudolph from Idiocracy so while technically that is a picture of a younger Maya Rudolph, it is not one where she is young and unknown. Make sure you get yo’ electrolytes! Drink Brawndo, the thirst mutilator!

  • Zoro

    Lena Dunham’s friend is pretty impressive. To look at. Also, it seems being a serial killer lends itself to comedy (see Louis C.K.)