A Gallery of Movie Posters from a Parallel Universe

If you watch Fringe, then you know that we’re all living in one possible universe, when millions of other ones are probably out there. Sure it would be nice to see their history of war and politics and techonology, but I’m more curious in their film selection.

Thankfully, one artist, Sean Hartter, has gotten a peak at the entertainment industry of theĀ other side, and has come back with this awesome collection of movie posters from an alternate universe.

It’s films you know and love, but reinvisioned in retro poster format by different actors and directors as you can see above. He’s done an insane amount of these, and they’re all great, and I’ve included a selection of my favorites below. And yes, you can buy them. Only $16 each, which is awesome as I could easily see filling a room with these.

Check out the selection below:

Head to the site for even more.


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