A Gallery of Incredible Celebrity Photographs from Martin Schoeller

Photography seems like a fun hobby/career that I wish I had gotten into. I suppose I still could, but I wouldn’t be as fortunate as the world renowned Martin Schoeller, who is so good at his job that he gets celebrities to pose for him. Which celebrities? ALL OF THEM.

This is a massive, massive collection of his celebrity photo series which has everyone from C-list comedians taking baths to A-list stars pretending to hit each other in the nuts. I’ve assembled some of his best pictures I can find which you can check out in one large gallery below.

Which celebrities do you think he’s missed? What scene would you set for them, or how would you  pose them?

A few favorites:

I know you hate this format, but it’s too many pictures to list in a row here. Middle click each to open in a new tab.

  • Brad Pitt is about to catch an epic nut shot.

  • Guy Incognitus

    You’re missing some of the Jesse Eisenberg ones that I think are the coolest ones out of all of them: http://news.vh-artists.com/?p=1855.

  • J5

    Udo Kier looks like Orgazmo.

    Also, is that Tarantino or John Woo in the dove pic? Is it wrong that I cant tell the difference?

  • Mortecouille

    When you post articles like these, I love you so much Paul!

  • Mortecouille

    @J5 : I’d definitely say Tarantino.

  • Dzuksi

    No Jim Carrey? I am disappointed.

    But holy crap that picture of Bale fishing is really epic! And i am not much of a Bale fan!!!

  • MattChi

    @J5: Yea, definitely tarantino in the dove picture.

    @Dzuksi: Agreed, that picture is epic awesome.

  • great collection, thanks for sharing…….