A Gallery of Incredible Celebrity Photographs from Martin Schoeller

Photography seems like a fun hobby/career that I wish I had gotten into. I suppose I still could, but I wouldn’t be as fortunate as the world renowned Martin Schoeller, who is so good at his job that he gets celebrities to pose for him. Which celebrities? ALL OF THEM.

This is a massive, massive collection of his celebrity photo series which has everyone from C-list comedians taking baths to A-list stars pretending to hit each other in the nuts. I’ve assembled some of his best pictures I can find which you can check out in one large gallery below.

Which celebrities do you think he’s missed? What scene would you set for them, or how would you ┬ápose them?

A few favorites:

I know you hate this format, but it’s too many pictures to list in a row here. Middle click each to open in a new tab.

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    Brad Pitt is about to catch an epic nut shot.

  • Guy Incognitus

    You’re missing some of the Jesse Eisenberg ones that I think are the coolest ones out of all of them: http://news.vh-artists.com/?p=1855.

  • J5

    Udo Kier looks like Orgazmo.

    Also, is that Tarantino or John Woo in the dove pic? Is it wrong that I cant tell the difference?

  • Mortecouille

    When you post articles like these, I love you so much Paul!

  • Mortecouille

    @J5 : I’d definitely say Tarantino.

  • Dzuksi

    No Jim Carrey? I am disappointed.

    But holy crap that picture of Bale fishing is really epic! And i am not much of a Bale fan!!!

  • MattChi

    @J5: Yea, definitely tarantino in the dove picture.

    @Dzuksi: Agreed, that picture is epic awesome.

  • http://www.voiceable.org/ gourav

    great collection, thanks for sharing…….