A Gallery of Gender Swapping Cosplay

In trying to find content for this gallery, I found that it’s much more effective for girls to take on traditionally male cosplay roles rather than the other way around. Trust me, you don’t want to see that gallery.

So yes, this is a bunch of girls who are breaking gender norms for a whole host of classic characters, and have taken to making generally awesome female versions of the costumes. Yeah, sometimes it involves some skin usually, but even when it doesn’t, it’s still pretty cool (as seen above).

Check out the full gallery below, and send in any that I’m sure to have missed.






Mario Bros.






Iron Man

Cloud (not sure if this is a real person or not…)




  • Drester

    Saved the best for last.

  • Josh

    @Drester: Untrue. Han Solo and Green Lantern were in the middle of the pack

  • Mike

    Raychul Moore is playing Kratos. She has some other wicked Cosplay pictures on her site too.

  • @ Dester: Amen brother.

  • Anon E. Moose

    I really thought these would suck, looking at that Joker pic, but everything went better than expected.
    Good find, Paul.

  • Joe MecPak

    I think that Green Lantern is the best one! 🙂

  • cutter

    Raiden, Ash, Cloud- I see no difference.

  • Filthwizard

    Nice to see the Star Wars burlesque isn’t going away anytime soon…

  • Nebechadnezzar

    Kratos chick, terminator chick, same chick?

  • Parorou

    Oh, no Sailor Vader please!

  • oh yes, luigi and the links are so pretty 😀 sailor vader is a cute costume :))