A Gallery of Celebrity Portraits from Martin Schoeller

One of my favorite photo galleries I’ve featured on Unreality before is this one, where Martin Schoeller got to make actors and actresses do anything he wants as he’s the best celebrity photographer around.

So needless to say, I was happy to stumble upon another great series from him. I’d seen some of these portrait pieces before, but there are a LOT that he’s done over the years, and I figured I’d pick out some of the best ones to share with you.

He’s done these straight-up, brightly lit portraits for all kinds of people, but I figured the most relevant series would be of actors, actresses and a few musicians and sports figures that you’d recognize. Check out the gallery, and see if you can name them all:

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  • Drew Dickinson

    My thinking: “Wow, up close celebrities arent nearly as good looking as–”

    *Gets to Clooney*

    “Son of a bitch”

  • Victoria

    lol So true Drew, I thought the same thing. Especially Paris Hilton; she’s not pretty from a distance, but up close, true horror.

  • Jim Lahey

    Is this supposed to be a gallery of what these actors would look like after becoming addicted to meth for a month? Every cel;ebrity looks gaunt, wrinkly, ashen, and all around hobo-like. How do you make Angelina Jolie look that ugly and haggard? These pictures remind me of when I tried drawing real items at a young age. I would include every single wrinkle and fold I saw, but they would all end up looking weirdly out of place.

  • Dzuksi

    Dammit, how is Clooney immortal?!?!?

  • Steve

    I think that whatever those 2 giant whiteboards the actors are looking at in front of them is what makes their eyes look weird. Also, the only reason they look addicted to meth is because these are probably the few public photographs of celebrities you’ll find that haven’t been re-touched. There’s also some sort of color thing going on where the reds of their lips are very pronounced, and the skin tones are very “contrast-y”? I dunno. The only one that is comfortable to look at is Iggy, all things considered lol.

  • will

    Christopher Walken is a scary man lol

  • androstarr

    I think that the overarching message of these photos is wear sunblock and a nice hat when you are out of doors or your skin will look like old leather as you age.

  • LawlessVictory

    Think about it like this: how many obscenely smoking hot people have you ever hung out with who aren’t flawed like anybody else up close or under the right (or wrong) light? I think that’s all these pictures are meant to say. Doesn’t mean they aren’t good looking (except in some cases, never thought Hilton was pretty,) it just means everyone has flaws in their skin and asymmetrical features and so on. It’s just that, in the case of celebrities, we’re used to seeing them made up and lit to look perfect, so we’re conditioned to have different standards.

  • JZ

    @Drew hahaha toally true

  • tisktisktisk

    I bet these were inspired by that similar photo of Christopher Walken.
    Either that or it’s done by the same guy & these are the first ones I’ve seen like this other than that 1.