A Gallery of Adrianne Curry Playing Sci-Fi Dress Up


Adrianne Curry is caught in a limbo between “hot girl trying to be geeky” and “hot girl that is actually geeky,” but her devotion is such, that I might actually buy she’s for real.

Resident geek hottie Olivia Munn dresses up in the kinds of costumes you’re about to see because it’s part of her job, but why would Curry do it, if for no other reason than a bit of stray attention like we’re showing her right now? And with a level 37 World of Warcraft character, she’s got to be at least a little bit serious about this stuff.

So forget about America’s Next Top Model and My Fair Brady, let’s just imagine that a truly hot geek does exist, and simply enjoy it. Check out the gallery below:

















  • Lawdog

    Best. Unreal. Post. Ever.

    Just when I think Americans will never understand cosplay, along comes Adrianne Curry to show all the Tron guys how it’s done.

  • Bandit

    C3PO has a woodrow in that last one.

  • chrystani


    Haaaaa he does… Good job looking at robot boners!

  • illeaturfamily


  • Shan027

    Who the f&%k is Adrianne Curry?

  • MacGyver1138

    3PO, what was that clanking noise?

  • Madison

    Absolutely love any girl that can pull off the Droogie look, and she just kills it.

  • Tishy

    I wonder if she made any of those costumes herself?

  • Steamy the Green Mugato

    So now she wants to be Olivia Munn? Hasn’t this washed-up no-talent harpy already had her 15 minutes? Can’t she just go away?

  • Jerry Collins

    She can rape me to the tune of Singing in the Rain anytime.

  • Stuff

    Munn vs. Curry! I predict the winner would be US, the home viewer.

  • HamFrozenSolid

    I remember there must have been a marathon of the America’s Next Top Model on TV and I happen to flip through it right at the moment she mentioned wanting to visit Jim Morrison’s burial site. Once I learned it was a modeling show I was intrigued that a potential model was even aware of who the Doors were, let alone had enough enthusiasm for the music to visit the grave. It was at that moment I knew somewhere deep down she would win, and I ended up watching the rest of the marathon just to be sure. 😛

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  • Apu Kalipshis

    She’s hot as hell!
    Damn, i totally agree with Stuff , and Steamy the Green Mugato enjoy these girls or if you want to see them compete put them to fight in the mud!

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  • Sci-Fi is the best, i love sci-fi movies, books and stuffs like that. I am a man of science that is why i love it `-: