A Gallery of Action Stars in Their Early Years

Alright, so I will admit this was originally going to be an “Expendables when they were young” gallery, but as it turns out, there are not pictures of Terry Crews or Dolph Lundgren when they were really young, so I just scrapped it and decided to extend the concept to ALL action stars.

As you can see above, some are easier to recognize than others (how old WAS he in that picture? Good lord!), but some are not, and I’ve left names off the pictures below on purpose so you can guess at them. The answers are on the very bottom if you’d like to cheat, or I suppose you could just mouseover each picture to get the image name.

If you feel I’ve missed anyone, and think there’s another picture that would be good here, just let me know and I’ll add it to the list.


Arnold (duh)

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Steve Austin

Sylvester Stallone

Randy Couture

Pierce Brosnan

Kurt Russell

Jet Li

Jason Statham

Jackie Chan

Harrison Ford

Dwayne Jonson

Clint Eastwood

Chuck Norris

Bruce Willis

Bruce Lee

  • Korky

    Who knew Ahnold had mastered drunken boxing?

  • http://www.ppcomics.com xtheenderx

    NFL Terry Crews could be a young Terry Crews?

  • Henrik

    Yes! I got all of them right except Chuck Norris (I tought he was born with a beard).

  • Avi

    You know it says Randy Couture under his name so I dont think there is a lot of guessing in that situation.

  • Sam

    Hmmm. . . I wonder what action star went by randy couture in high school. . .

  • http://www.unrealitymag.com Paul Tassi

    Uhh everyone knows Harrison Ford went by Randy Couture in high school before he changed his name.


  • Casey

    Dude, you gotta have Sigourney Weaver. Otherwise, fun list.

  • chrystani

    Jason Statham and Clint Eastwood (looking Bowie- esque)…

    Damn thats some fine white meat!

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  • Truth

    Randy Couture looks like Jennifer Aniston

  • General Leo

    I am familiar with that Schwarzenegger photo. That was when he was nineteen.

  • NewDivide

    I think Hugh Jackman looks exactly like Clint Eastwood

  • Oxnard Montalvo

    Bruce Willis or Robert Downey Jr ?