A Deeper Look at Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Slashfilm’s Dave Chen is back with another insightful analysis video, this time focusing on Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim adaptation from a few years ago. The film was a commercial disaster, but incredibly good, in a genre practically by itself.

Chen goes through the clever use of typography and video game icons in the film, most of which we probably noticed, but also dives deeper into the central message of the comic/movie, one I feel rather stupid for having missed. I didn’t get the connection between Scott Pilgrim physically defeating all Ramona’s exes as the same type of real world battle we go through when starting a relationship with someone, wading through the emotional baggage of their past relationships. It seems obvious now, but it gives me a greater appreciation for the movie. Perhaps I need to give it another go.

  • Beau Warren

    I never felt like such an outcast as when this movie bombed(bob-bombed?) in the theaters. It really depressed me, and I tried to rally as many people to give it a chance. I am not sure if it was bad marketing, or it was just too different, but this is a movie that rose to my top three favorite films of all time almost instantly. Gets better every viewing, and I want to hug the guy who made this video, because finally someone else gets it!

  • What!? You of all people did not get right away that Pilgrim was fighting metaphors? *chuckles* But seriously one of my favourite movies of all time. The only movie so far that I gave an 11 out of 10 (in my blogs rating system) out of pure bliss and thankfulness … 😉

  • Yeah, that movie is brilliant on a level a lot of people don’t get. And if you haven’t read the comic…just freakin’ do it.

  • Tiago Andrade

    Actually, the movie gets even better when you think of all the superhero crazy stuff as creations of Scott’ s mind.