A Day in the Life of a Space Jockey

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One of the most, if not THE most anticipated movies of the year in 2012 has nothing to do with any sort of superheroes, rather it’s a sci-fi master returning at last to the genre he helped reshape. Ridley Scott’s Prometheus looks to be stunning, and even though an Alien prequel sounds like a bad idea, I have faith the film will be spectacular.

It’s said to address the mystery of the “space jockey” seen in the first Alien film. He pilots the dead ship full of alien eggs, and from the trailer, we know it plays an integral part in the film. Artist Travis Pitts decided to see what it would be like to imagine a day in the life of the relaxed space jockey, and all his activities involve his laid back pose.

  • Frank

    Anyone ever notice that if you take the d in Ridley and spin it 180 degrees, it spells Ripley?

  • wraith

    I have read that this is not really connected with the original aliens. Unfortunately people are going to go into the movie expecting that and I have a feeling it will tank. Hopefully not as it does sound interesting.

  • @Wraith

    This movie can’t tank because of that. First of all, the title doesn’t say alien and only the ones who knew the original will connect some parts of it. how dare you say this will tank! people, forgive him, for that he doesn’t know better!


    this isn’t a prequel.