A Collection of Videos That Make Fun of Michael Bay

Michael Bay

There’s a ton of back and forth on opinions about Michael Bay.  And clearly there’s a huge contingent out there that thinks he should be stopped.  While the man is a wet dream for any studio owner looking to profit, for “real” movie watchers people think he’s a cancer on the industry.

However, if there’s one thing I respect about Bay it’s that he’s true to himself and his movies.  He’s gonna make them loud, ridiculous,  and have enormous production value.  So despite all his criticism, at least the guy is honest.

Still though, man does this guy open up to the door to get completely lambasted by just about anyone that likes real plots, real acting and not too much bang bang sounds.

Here are some great videos that make fun of Michael Bay

Michael Bay Eating a Bowl of Cereal


Michael Bay’s My Little Pony


Fake Michael Bay with Victoria’s Secret


Killing Michael Bay


Michael Bay’s Legend of Zelda


Michael Bay Is Now Making Coffee 


Michael Bay’s Sounds of Nature



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