A Collection of Videos Proving Neil Patrick Harris’s Awesomeness


I’m hard pressed to find another actor these days whose name is synonymous with “awesome” the way Neil Patrick Harris’s is. The man can practically do no wrong. He’s the very definition of entertainment through and through, whether he’s hosting the gayest of gay award shows or he’s getting laid by hot chicks in a stoner comedy. Shockingly enough, he’s done all this despite being a child actor, which is more often than not a kiss of death for the talented.

I’ve compiled a collection of excellent examples of NPH’s wide array of talents. Please enjoy.

Tony Awards


NPH’s most recent claim to fame is actually getting people to watch the Tony Awards. This is his mostly improvised closing number.

Harold and Kumar


The role that put NPH back on most people’s radar is when he appeared as a cracked out, womanizing version of himself.

Talking Coming Out on Ellen


On a more serious note, NPH discusses the pros and cons of coming out gay in Hollywood these days.

Doogie Howser Intro


Just for comparison’s sake, see the role that started it all. What the hell is up with the creepy-ass music in this intro?

Sesame Street


He’s a shoe fairy? Or something?

Old Spice


The closest we’ve seen to him returning to his roots.

Barney”s Crib


Currently NPH stars on the last decent sitcom left in America, How I Met Your Mother.

Bro Code


Here Barney explains the origins of the Bro Code.

Talking Jason Segel’s Nudity


The man sure knows how to give one hell of an interview, I’ll say that.

Dr. Horrible


Part 1 of his web series he did with Joss Whedon, make sure to watch the whole thing.


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