A Collection of The Hunger Games Fanart

Well wouldn’t you know it!  The Hunger Games is coming out tomorrow.   The long anticipated book series turned movie series is having everyone ask the question of “is this the next big thing?”

Hell we’ve discussed it before.  The consensus out there seems to favor that this thing is going to kick ass and be huge.   If it is, then kudos to yet another author cashing in on teen obsessive qualities.   That and credit for being a good writer….I think.

And since we’re all so cheery about this movie coming out I thought I’d share some pretty cool fanart from Deviant Art users.   Check out the gallery after the jump….

We decided to do gallery format here so you can see full size pictures.  Enjoy!

  • zligo

    Hunger games, you mean the crappy Battle Royale remake ?

  • Piratey

    It’s actually not crappy. You’d think a book written for its demographic would be cheesy and craptastic but the trilogy was surprisingly high concept scifi that has no fear of maiming and killing main characters.

  • Steve

    I wonder if anyone who writes it off as a Battle Royale or The Lottery rip-off has ever read any of these stories, or if they were even aware they were based on literary works?

    I’m thinking “no.”

  • PG – 13 movie about killing… Thank god for Battle Royale..

    @Steve – even the director of this movie claims to have never heard of BR… *facepalm*

  • Piratey

    Battle Royal is kinda overrated, first time I saw it was like 9 years ago when i was 18, I watched it again last year…Not that good. Juvenile crime is so bad that you have to take a random class of kids and make them fight to the death on television? Okay…

    At least with Hunger games, the plot makes sense. Post apocalyptic United States where the country has been reformed around a single capital with 12 “districts” that supply the capital with its goods. To commemorate the quelling of the 13th district’s uprising, a boy and a girl from each district are selected to take place in the hunger games which is then broadcast over the country. Ages 12-18 are eligible, each year you have a token entered into a drawing but the cards get more stacked because you can receive essential living supplies(food) in exchange for more entries in your name in the hopper.

  • ry

    There are some wedding photographers doing hunger games inspired shoots too. A couple of my friends own/run Orange Turtle Photography and they did one for fun. Full disclaimer: I’m friends with them and… oh, nevermind, already said that.