A Collection of Subtle Movie GIFs

The internet is a magical place, which is proven by the fact I keep stumbling upon cool sites like this one. IWDRM (If We Don’t, Remember Me) is a Tumblr blog that fashions subtle movie GIFs like the one you see above, and pairs them with meaningful quotes from the film.

Usually animated GIFs entertain us only when they contain people falling off trampolines or boobs bouncing, but trust me when I say these are all very cool to see, and are extremely well made. Some you might even have to look at for a while before they do anything, but hey, I said it was subtle.

Check out some of my favorite selections below, and when you’re done go to the site to see all of them. And check back frequently as they update all the time.

The Big Lebowski

The Blues Brothers


Eyes Wide Shut



Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


Once Upon a Time in the West

Pulp Fiction


Straw Dogs

The Royal Tenenbaums

The Shining

  • Gabriel

    lol they almost seem like animatronics from a disneyland ride.

  • grandmort

    Very cool indeed…

  • chrystani

    It seems like the subtleness (?) adds more feeling. Like actual events and not just movies.

    My favorite is L’Aaventura. Pretty.

  • Mr Cinema

    That one from The Shining will haunt my dreams

  • That last one is freaky as balls

  • Andrew C

    Oh my god, that Shining one is so freakin disturbing, hahaha

  • Igor

    OMG this is so cool.

  • Bara

    Wow, the Se7en one is great. Perfectly captures the look of the film.