A Collection of Rafa Toro’s Batman Movie Villain GIFs

Batman GIFs 3

Batman has fought a lot of villains over his storied movie career, and some of them more than once. Artist and animator Rafa Toro has gone through the archives and made a walking GIF for each villain Batman has faced, along with different versions of the same character AND different versions of the same character in the same movie. As in, DeVito’s regular Penguin and feral Penguin. You’ll see what I mean.

Now that we’ve done the Joker twice and Bane twice and Catwoman twice, who do you think Batman will face next, whoever takes over the series? Will one of these other characters get a makeover, or will they dip into the lesser known villains like Clayface or Hush or Zsasz?

Check out the gallery below via ComicsAlliance:

Batman GIFs 17