A Collection of Fashionable Disney Princesses

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It seems that not a week goes by where I don’t have to feature some sort of Disney princess redesign, but I will say this is one of the cooler ones. Nothing oversexed here to taint your childhood memories (or improve them?). Rather, artist Viktoria has taken the most popular princesses from classic Disney features and given them a fashionable redesign that draws on their original outfits.

They all come out looking somewhat hipsterish, but I guess that’s how the kids are dressing these days. If you like the ones above, there are actually seven more below, with classic beauties like Jasmine, Belle, Mulan and Rapunzel featured.

  • Matthias

    They really look great, but there’s just ONE little problem:
    Anastasia isn’t Disney 😉

  • ben

    when will people learn Anastasia isn’t a disney film?

  • wevs

    I don’t think anyone gives a flying fuck about Anastasia, including the artist.
    Also, why are they all hipsters hoes? Why the hell do hipsters ruin everything?

  • Anton

    Because wevs, us hipsters were cool before disney was cool.

  • frodo

    Chill the hell out wevs. People like anastasia and probably a lot more than they care about your silly hater a**.

    Also, hipsters are cooler than you, so smd. 😛

  • TadAster

    WWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWW a lot of serious hating going on…amazing art.