A Collection of Fantastic Action Movie Drinking Games

Demolition Man Drinking Game

Release Date: 1993

Main Actor from Expendables 2:  Sylvester Stallone

Film Summary

John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone), a cop who is wrongly convicted, is frozen along with Simon Phoenix in 1996 due to Phoenix blowing up a building of innocent people. In the 21st century, Phoenix is thawed, but returns to his criminal ways. As the 21st century is crime free they don’t know how to deal with such situations and decide to thaw Spartan in the hope of recapturing Phoenix.

1 Drink:

– When the buzzer/ticket machine goes off

– When you feel they have tried to dramatically change something due to it being set in the future

– When someone fires a gun

– When Spartan or Phoenix are referred to as being like Cavemen or anything similar

– When a reference to the 90s is made

2 Drinks

– When Lenina (Sandra Bullock) messes up a 90s saying

Full Drink

– When the crazy futuristic sex scene starts


Universal Soldier Drinking Game

Release Date: 1992

Main Actor from Expendables 2:  Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren

Film Summary

Luc (Van Damme) and Scott (Dolph Lundgren) are killed in Vietnam. The army however has a secret project and are able to bring back dead soldiers as near-perfect killing machines. Traumatised by Vietnam, Scott faces the issue of going on a killing spree and taking orders, while Luc has flashbacks of Vietnam and turns to the good side.


1 Drink:

– When Van Damme Kicks

– When Dolph kills someone

– Whenever you hear the word “soldier”

2 Drinks:

– When a Grenade is thrown

Full Drink:

– When Van Damme is butt naked

– At the end of the end fight between Van Damme and Dolph


Judge Dredd Drinking Game

(I am the LEAW!)

Release Date: 1995

Main Actor from Expendables 2:  Sylvester Stallone

Film Summary

In the year 2139, the world’s justice system is rendered useless and collapses. The earth has become a desolate place full of violence. Just when there seems to be no hope, a new justice system emerges known as “Judges” with their aims in mind: Police, Jury and Executioner. Joseph Dredd (Sylvester Stallone) is the most feared of them all, but when he is wrongly charged of murder, he may face life in prison.

1 Drink:

– When Dredd raises his voice

– When a gun is talked to

– When Rob Schneider gets scared

– Whenever someone says “The Counsel”

2 Drinks:

– When Dredd says “I knew you’d say that”


Terminator 2 Drinking Game

Release Date: 1991

Main Actor from Expendables 2:  Arnold Schwarzenegger

Film Summary

John Connor, the future leader of the resistance is the new target for termination after a 10 year gap between the first attempt to kill his mother Sarah Connor. A terminator has been sent back in time to kill John when he is a young boy. Luckily enough the resistance managed to also send back a protector to aid John Connor’s safety.

1 Drink:

– When the T-1000 (liquid man) changes shape

– When John Connor’s voice breaks

– When there is a reference to the future

– When John demands something

2 Drinks:

– Every time a shotgun is fired

Full Drink

– When you hear the phrase “I’ll be back”

That’s your lot everyone; they should keep you busy for a little while. Let us know below if you feel we have missed out a film on our list.

  • Alex

    When does Eye of the Tiger play in Rocky IV?

  • JW

    These are all pretty rubbish…

  • Emanon

    Not an action movie but for the Twilight drinking game, you drink 40 shots when you press play so that you die before the movie starts.

  • Joe

    Picture is from the new “Dredd” and not the 1995 “Judge Dredd”

  • Andy

    I’d say that “Come with me if you want to live” ought to qualify for the Full Drink treatment^^

  • Beorach

    I was hoping these would be a bit more creative. Go check out the Brent Musburger drinking game for an example.

  • Steve2

    “Hard to Kill”, 1 drink every time you hear that 5 drum sequence: “dum, dum da-da dum”.

  • *starring

  • John

    Beorach – The whole point behind drinking games like these is the ease of them. The BM drinking game maybe creative but it is just too complicated. The easier and the fewer rules the better the game in my experience.