A Collection of Amazing Redesigned Movie Posters

Sometimes I feel like I’m getting too old to decorate my room with movie posters, despite the fact that I do this for a living. But then I change my mind when I think, “what if the posters were ART?”

That’s where Adam Rabalais comes in. He’s resdesigned a ton of different movie posters in clever and artistic ways, and all of his work is for sale in his Etsy store.

I think the Inception one was my favorite, but there are thirty more posters below for you to check out, and Rabalais is definitely one of my favorite artists we’ve featured here in quite some time. He’s doing a “Two for $30” deal, and I’m thinking about picking up Inception and Seven Samurai for my room.

  • Matthias

    What is the first japanese poster? The second one is Battle Royale, I know that.

  • UHTillaTHEhun

    Seven Samurai

  • Frank

    7 Samourai by Akira Kurosawa.

  • tuffy

    7 Samurai is the first Japanese one I believe

  • its samurai 7, and anime series

  • Martin

    Oh my gosh andrew, you have just embarrassed yourself calamitously!

  • these are very nice retro designs, i like the rouge look

  • AlaskaBoy

    These are AWESOME!

    Someone give this guy a job designing movie posters!!!

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