How Many Times Will You Be Watching A Christmas Story?

Christmas Story

Let me start off by saying that I’m Jewish so my Christmas consists of eating Chinese Food and watching movies all day.  Now I’m not sure what all you Christians out there do but I’m guessing it’s a lot of present opening and family time.  You know, playing in the snow, eating a big Christmas feast and being really uncomfortable around that weird uncle of yours.

But I’ll bet no family can get around the infamous A Christmas Story marathon on TNT.  The question is, how many times over will you watch it in that 24 hours?

I think last year might have been my record with 4.  And I mean like 4 times straight.  That doesn’t include the at least 75 minutes of me watching it just to kill time while another program went to commercial.

If I had to make a Christmas movie list (which I won’t because every friggin’ site on the planet does) I would put this one at the very top.  I don’t even think it’s close.  Maybe if I were 60 or older I’d put It’s a Wonderful Life but I think A Christmas Story could be one of the most rewatchable movies in history.

If you’re not getting your dose of Ralph tonight and tomorrow then you should be.


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