A Chinese Girl Re-Enacts The Ring in Real Life


Can a person simply standing there, looking at you, be the most terrifying thing in the world? According to this video? Yes.

A Chinese girl tried to emulate a million different Japanese horror movies by standing in a random place staring at people as they came into a building. The results are way, way more hilarious than you’d expect.

The girl literally does nothing at all but stand there, yet each person who comes in is progressively more terrified than the last, and she eventually scares people so much they fall over. And the last guy? Just…wow. Watch.

I love the way she laughs after each person passes. I bet those Japanese ghosts in the movies probably did the same thing after no one was looking.

  • Jason

    Pretty funny. What’s with that last guy kicking her?

  • This has got to be fake.

  • Madison

    Not fake…but pretty funny.

  • Madison: How do you know?

  • Madison

    I don’t…but Occam’s Razor tells me it’s more likely to be real than fake.

  • Gamer

    what a dick

  • Dan

    It seems strange that everyone that came in the door reacted like that. I wonder if they could not see through the glass door.

  • Guy Incognito

    All signs point to fake. They came in equal intervals, one at a time allowing her to laugh a bit (very fakely I might add) before the next came, never a couple people at the same time or one interrupting the scare or laugh afterwards. Also I didn’t know asian people couldn’t see through glass. =Fake.

  • lolinator

    Guy above me saying fake…..i just love people like you to whom everything is fake.

    The glass door is not see through, but its bubbly glass often used overseas for doors, kinda like the the average shower, or even better bathroom windows.

    Probably an apartment building, and in most apartment buildings there are more people walking around alone then in groups