A Celebrity House Party

Photoshop has been celebrities’ friend for years now, as it makes them skinnier or bustier or younger. But what happens when it takes them places they would never normally go? That’s the project that one intrepid man cooked up. He’s created an entire photo album from a party he threw that shows a host of celebrities in attendance.

Naturally, they weren’t there, but his photoshopping is pretty damn good so a lot of the time he makes it seem like they were actually present. If you didn’t know any better, a lot of these would actually appear legit.

Check out the full gallery below. Which celebrities would you invite to your house?

  • dre

    Nathan Fillion isn’t shopped. He’s that cool, he just shows up to random parties.

  • Steve

    Not one real Bill Murray house party photobomb photo just to throw us off? lol.

  • Denison

    Forever Alone

  • Alaric

    John McCain? Really? Well I guess technically he’s a celebrity. Just don’t invite Ted Nugent and any black person at the same time, otherwise you might have a homicide at your party.

  • TheWalkingDude

    Ah.. what I would give to be in celeb party4…